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Preparing Soup


An Authentic Experience

Hikoo Noodle Kitchen was founded with the intention of delighting the Mannheim area’s diverse dining crowd with an authentic Ramen Restaurant experience. Anchored in tradition, we seek to make every element of your time with us a special one.

To make a bowl of Ramen requires working in details and creativity. Therefore, we work hard to pursuing the high quality of ramen for our guests. Our broths boil down for long hours, our noodles are specially Japanese taste, our topping are homemade specially for our guests.  You can taste the freshness and the work behind in each bowl of Ramens. We are happy that you come to try our Ramen and may the Ramen power be with you. 

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Our Special Offer 

Ramen Soup


Hikoo Noodle Kitchen L10 store (Grand Store)

Address:       L10,9 Mannheim 68161

Mo-Fri:         12:00 am - 14:30 pm & 17:30 pm - 21:30 pm

Sa:                12:00 pm - 21:00 pm 

So:                Closed

(on National holiday und BW holidays still open

Hikoo Noodle Kitchen M2 store (Chicken Concept):

Address:       M2,3 Mannheim 68161

Do-Fri:          12:00 pm - 14:30 pm und 17:30 pm - 21:30 pm

Sa:                 12:00 pm - 14:30 pm und 17:30 pm - 21:00 pm

So,Mo,Di,Do:     Closed

(on National holiday und BW holidays closed) 

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